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If you’ve ever been curious about what a psychotherapist has to say about love and relationships, you’re in luck.
The esteemed Dr. Heather Browne joined me on the Ask a Matchmaker podcast to discuss one of the major keys to relationships–conscious communication🔑
In short, conscious communication is thinking before speaking. But what does this look like in a relationship, particularly in the early stages? Here’s what Dr. Heather has to say:
  • Let’s say it’s important to you that your partner communicates with you every day, at least once a day. Communicating consciously would be to bring it up to the person you’re dating and ask, “Can you work with me on this?” Or “How can we come together to a place of agreement?”
  • So often, we expect things from others, don’t communicate it, and then become disappointed with them when we don’t get want we want. We might think our partner is being careless, thoughtless, or rude when, in reality, they just might not know.
  • Dr. Heather believes that there should be no expectations, only requests. If someone responds to your request and says, “I’m not willing to do that,” then that’s their truth.
  • We can’t control what other people do; we can only control ourselves. Conscious communication begins with the mindset, “I am responsible for my thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions, as you are for yours.
  • Our power is in our ability to respond to their truth and make our own choices about what to do next.
But it doesn’t stop there. We can also use conscious communication to navigate hard conversations as the relationship progresses. It can help us come to an agreement about family, money, and even sex–the three places that Dr. Heather says marriages go to die.
Tune into the full episode to learn how to approach these conversations with more honesty, transparency, and intention! You can listen on YouTubeApple, or Spotify.
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