Once upon a time, people met through a network of friends and community ensuring that you’d meet someone who likely shared the same values and lifestyle as you. Then online dating was invented and the paradox of choice has made us believe that more choices in mates is better in finding The One. Is it?

We have become more selective, seek faux validation while mindlessly swiping away potential soulmates and have reverted to a very barbaric form of friendship where ghosting is the norm and a lack of accountability is to be expected.

Is it too late to fix dating?

As a professional matchmaker in NYC, I share a few viewpoints on modern dating trends in comparison to old school matchmaking on CNBC’s Fortt Knox Show with Jon Fortt. Joining me on the panel is Andrea Syrtash, dating expert and author, and Arum Kang, CEO of dating app Coffee Meets Bagel.

What do you think? Is dating broken by the new rules to dating?