I constantly ask my new members, “On average, how many hours do you think you spend dedicated to meeting single men?” Seven out of ten times, they respond with zero. The remaining thirty percent usually respond with “3 hours, online dating… I suppose?” Basically, no one is dedicated to meeting new single men (or women) in New York City, a city of limitless possibilities to meet new people!

If I asked 10 unemployed people, “On average, how many hours do you spend dedicated to finding a new job?” do you know what they would respond with? “Endless hours!” (Probably)

Essentially, more time is spent, and dedicated so, to a job, but the same search ethic is null on a relationship that could last a lifetime. YIKES.

Imagine if I gave you the opportunity to increase the time spend dedicated to meeting new people to six hours. How different do you think your life would be?

That’s why Agape Match partnered with Eventsy, NYC’s upscale events and adventure social club. They curate fun and interesting events for busy New Yorkers. Some are singles events, which Agape Match officially sponsors, while others are events or adventures (i.e. rafting, rock climbing, bowling, etc.) designed to get you meeting new people quickly and in a relaxed environment, because every person you meet is an opportunity to meet the love of your life!

Seriously though, how many hours do you spend a week dedicated to meeting new single people? You see, going in to different events with that mindset changes everything. Entering an event with an objective like I’m here to meet new people should help nudge you away from established friendships, which can hinder the courage as a crutch.

Go meet new people… now.