Generally, dating in the 21st century is plain hard. Add in a global pandemic that only amplifies the struggles of forming an emotional bond let alone a physical one – you have yourself a dilemma. Still, despite these unusual circumstances, there are definitely ways to tip the virtual dating scale in your favor. 

Spectrum News NY1 recently had Agape Match’s CEO, Maria Avgitidis as a guest discussing New Yorkers and dating in the midst of a pandemic. Maria notes three factors in preparing for a successful virtual date: Think about the spacing and distance of your laptop/tablet/computer so that the camera is at a flattering angle. Second, she recommends being mindful of your lightening so that your face is clearly seen and not covered by shadows. Last, don’t go into a date (even in person!) wearing black. Greens and blues tend to be incredibly flattering and the extra pop of color even in a more subdued level can certainly make a difference.

See the full interview here.