This is the one week a year where love is – figuratively speaking- forced down your throat. I work in the love business, so much of my members receive spoonfuls on a monthly basis, but the tornado that is the week of Valentine’s! Holy Moly.


Never has a week magnified that you’re alone as much as this! Not to fear, my single friends! I have gathered 10 AMAZING tips, from my favorite matchmakers, on what you should absolutely do if you are single this week!


If you’re single this Valentine’s, you should…. 


julie ferman“…give lots and lots of love to the important people in your life.
Send cards to five people who would be so surprised to get them from you, especially people whom you’re pretty sure will get no other cards from anyone. Love isn’t something we “get” or “find” — it’s something we experience on a moment by moment basis. The more loving we are in deed, the more goodies come back to us. I promise. Ask not what love will be shown you this Valentine season; rather, ask what love you can show to others, and you will have a very special time of it. ” – Julie Ferman, Matchmaker at Julie Ferman Associates.

laurie berzack“…love YOURSELF!! Pamper the inner child in you and create a list of everything that is wonderful about YOU! Remember that what you give is what you will receive and if you aren’t happy with any area of life figure out how to fix it! And if you feel amazing and all you are missing is your future partner, hire a matchmaker to help you find love! ” – Laurie Berzack, Matchmaker at Carolinas Matchmaker.


“…go to or, and RSVP to one of the many Valentine’s Day parties taking place in your city! Party away while you meet other local singles! (If you live in NYC, click here to RSVP to my Love Lockdown party!)” – Maria Avgitidis, Matchmaker at Agape Match.


michelle jacoby“…you should spend time with someone you care about!  Valentine’s Day is all about LOVE, so make plans with someone important in your life and do something FUN together!”- Michelle Jacoby, Matchmaker at DC Matchmaking.


leila benton-jones london matchmaker“…you should remember every day is Valentine’s day! Put on your favourite outfit, grab your favourite single friend, and go out to a party!” – Leilla Benton-Jones, Matchmaker at the Vida Consultancy.



Peggy Wolman by Maura 2014“…don’t despair! Consider hiring one of these caring and experienced dating coaches or matchmakers. You’re not alone. Whether you’re a single man or woman, go somewhere you’ve never been, wear something red that invites a smile, and exchange smiles all day.”- Peggy Wolman, Matchmaker at Peggy Wolman Matchmaking.


RacheMacLynn“…you should gather a few of your single friends and head out on a girls’/guys’ only night. At the very least, you will have fun with good friends, and you just never know, you may bump into a group of like-minded singles of the opposite sex. It’s the perfect night to spot who is single! ”-Rachel Vida MacLynn, Matchmaker at the Vida Consultancy.



carmeliaray canada matchmaker“ …celebrate your single-hood. You’re in the BEST position to be in, if you’re looking for love because you can date amazing people, learn about yourself and most importantly have FUN with our journey to finding love. Become an attraction magnet for the right person to find you!”- Carmelia Ray, Matchmaker at Carmelia Ray Matchmaking.



Lisa Darsonval Amador Santa Barbara Matchmaking“…host a party and invite all your single friends. Let them know, in order to attend, they must bring a single friend of the opposite sex. Wear something that makes you feel smokin’ hot and make sure to meet all your new mystery guests. You just may find your days of being single are numbered.” – Lisa Darsonval- Amador, Matchmaker at Santa Barbara Matchmaking.



marla martenson“…you should take yourself out to lunch and order yourself a glass of champagne for sure! Toast yourself!” – Marla Martenson, Matchmaker at The Dating Source.