Like so many singles in America, online dating or trying to meet people out and about organically is exhausting. Daniel Dick, a follower of Agape Match’s CEO, Maria Avgitidis’ Instagram and TikTok, feeling fatigued from the dating experience – called into Ask A Matchmaker podcast with nothing to lose.

Speaking to Today, Daniel recalls that interaction:

One day in March 2022, Daniel called in to ask Avgitidis for tips about meeting women in real life, since he was having no luck on the apps. Avgitidis’ “great advice” left him energized to meet more people. What Dick never expected was that he had already made first impressions on women: Avgitidis’ followers, listening in on the Zoom call.

The next day, Avgitidis contacted Daniel about the messages she’d been getting from interested women. Apparently, more than a few listeners were interested in learning more about the “progressive-minded Army veteran who lived in Austin.”


Maybe it was fate that Daniel called in that day because what followed next was a slew of women sliding into his DMs. One woman caught his eye, Melissa Jones and with so many of their core values aligned, they started dating. In December 2022, Daniel proposed to Melissa. They both credit Matchmaker Maria for facilitating an incredible community that allowed all the pieces to fall into place to make this happen. We are so excited to follow Daniel and Melissa’s journey and can’t wait for their wedding day!


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