It should come as no surprise that color affects how people see us. From an early age we’re programmed to read meaning into color, (for example when learning to cross the road and what’s hot and cold). By the time we’re adults we have a finely tuned color recognition system that’s so innate it’s subconscious. We can make great use of this when it comes to online dating, which is a hugely visual thing. People make instant judgements about us based on our image.

At Hey Tuesday we’re all about personal branding in our profile photos and color is a massive part of our brand. Color helps tell your story, show your personality and give clues about what makes you tick. So to stand the best chance of finding love online you need to be thinking about the colors you choose in your dating photos. What you wear is obviously crucial but that’s not the only way to use color in dating photography. The backdrop to your images is also key. You can use colorful street art, brightly colored walls, shop fronts and cafes to add to the vibe in your dating pics. So what do individual colors actually say about you and how can you use them to build your personal brand? Here are some of the key colors (and our Hey Tuesday favorites!)  to think about when branding yourself in dating.


We just love to see our clients wearing red for their dating photo shoot. It’s the color of love, sex, passion and romance. If you wear this color or include it in your dating photos, you’re immediately giving the right signals when it comes to finding a partner. But there’s more to red than this. It’s also a color that’s bold, exciting and energetic. Visually it immediately catches the eye and stands out so it’s fantastic for making your dating photos jump off the screen. Wear this color if you want to make a statement.


When we see yellow, we think of optimism, warmth and positivity. People who wear this color come across as happy, confident and fun people. It’s also a color of ideas, energy, creativity and intelligence – think of lightbulbs, sparks and lightning bolts. Use yellow if that’s your vibe and the story you want to tell people. In photography we also have the concept of complementary colors; these are colors which are pleasing to the eye when used together. The complementary color for yellow is purple – using the two together will give a really vibrant and eye-catching look.


When we see green we instantly think of nature, balance, peace, health, harmony and calm. If you use this colour in your dating photos you’ll evoke a calming effect instantly. This is a great color to choose if you love the outdoors, you’re all about healthy living or you’re passionate about environmental causes. Remember, it’s not just about what you wear; you can incorporate green into the backdrop of your images for the same effect. Head to your favorite park or garden and shoot your dating photos there.


Blue is the color of wisdom, stability and strength. People who are drawn to blue are trustworthy and dependable. We also associate blue with peace, tranquillity and relaxation. This is a great color for men to choose for personal branding in dating as it’s not intimidating, it’s soothing. The complementary color for blue is orange; a classy, sophisticated color combination that works really well in photography.


We tend to advise our clients to choose bright colors for their dating photo shoot, if possible, but we understand that some people just don’t feel comfortable in these colors and feel most confident in black. If this is you, don’t worry – black is good as it’s flattering for most people. It’s also a bold, classic color that suggests you’re in control. If you opt for a mostly black outfit then look for opportunities to bring color in elsewhere in your images. Think of a vibrant setting such as a cafe, so you’re still telling a strong story with your photos.

If you want to stand out online with an eye-catching personal brand for your dating, Hey Tuesday can help. We’re experts at putting the personality into head shots and telling your story. Book a shoot with us right here.


About the Author:

Saskia Nelson is the founder of Hey Tuesday and Hey Saturday, photography agencies that specialize in creating gorgeous, show-stopping profile photos equipping clients to take their online impact to the next level whether for social media, dating profiles or business. A killer profile photo doesn’t just show people what you look like, it tells them what you’re made of. 

She’s been credited by Time magazine and the BBC for kickstarting the genre of ‘dating photography’ and is recognized as the leading industry expert in the UK and US on all things dating profile photo related and often speaks at events and appears regularly in the press. She has trained up a team of hotshot, portrait photographers who work with hundreds of single people across the UK, New York City and Los Angeles giving them the confidence to navigate the crowded online world and shine above the competition.

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