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Every week, people ask me, “Maria, how do I go out?” And I’ll give you that answer in just a second, but first, have you ever thought about how expanding your social circle will have a profound impact on the people you will encounter? Investing in your social capital has a multiplier effect both outwardly (you’ll have a new circle of friends) and inwardly (you’ll grow confidence with your intention).
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In going out, I always have tips to share, but this week I dig into this question with going-out experts Nick Rosen and Natalie Cramer.
These two are the brains behind the popular dating event, Single Saturdays, hosted on Eventbrite. From activities like feather bowling to axe throwing, Nick and Natalie have made it their mission to facilitate meaningful connections and create new social opportunities for NYC singles.
And if you’re not in NYC, there are groups just like this one in your cities too. It’s just a matter of searching for the right opportunities. Think of volunteering (walk a thons, golf tournaments, soup kitchens) or just doing fun stuff around your community you’ve always wanted to try!
Nick is a matchmaker, and Natalie is a creative coach who was tired of swiping on the apps. They collaborated to create events that took the guesswork out of knowing who was available while still fostering an engaging and authentic experience.
Since they started working together, they’ve hosted events in Central Park, popular bars and restaurants, board game cafes, and more.  Here’s what they had to say about going out intentionally. 👇
“I think a lot of it is just keeping an open mind. It can be scary and uncomfortable to do something on your own, and that’s where it’s important to know yourself…I think it’s MOST important to pursue the things that interest you because that’s what will lead you to the right person, people, or whatever it is you’re searching for.”
If the idea of going to an event with strangers makes you nervous, try my 3-2-1 prep to approach it with more confidence, positivity, and good energy:
3️⃣ Think of three things that made you laugh this week, and write them down. Whether it’s a clip from a YouTube podcast, a funny phone call with your sister, or a meme you saw, jot it down in a journal or your notes app.
2️⃣ Write down two things that make you unique. Think hobbies and interests. Do you love baking cakes for your friends? Are you good at pickleball? Are you fascinated by the French Revolution?
1️⃣Write down this mantra: “I am here to meet new people. Everyone is trying. Give them grace.”
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How we think about ourselves will influence how we talk about ourselves!
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