How many times have you received a box of chocolates just to eat one or two and throw the rest away because chocolate covered cherries are not exactly your cup of tea?  I’m certain I’m not the only one with a few heart shaped necklaces or if you’re a guy a tie, cuff links, nice wallet, ect. Our go-to gifts are based on easy access and familiarity but they also grow to be boring. This Valentine’s Day why not get your partner an alternative gift?


Doing an actual activity with your partner can strengthen your bond and bring you closer together. Whether you’re experiencing something new together like helicopter ride or introducing them to something you enjoy like indoor mountain climbing, experience gifts are fun, exciting and memorable. 

Our choice: EmptyMet Tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Experience the Met before it opens up to the public with a guide that gives you an intimate view of all the beautiful history housed in NYC’s most visited museum. 

Thrill seekers- Go on an actual adventure with your partner. Check out Agape Match’s adventures events page for some awesome upcoming trips this year to Iceland, Peru and Antarctica.

Cooking Class

Cooking classes are a great trust building tool. When you work as a team to make something out of scratch you feel a sense of accomplishment when it comes out good. Bonus points if it looks AND tastes good! The proud feeling you both experience in executing a positive outcome together builds a trust and reliance on each other.

Our choice: Chocolate making workshop – make some chocolate you actually enjoy and will eat!

Comparably awesome: Gelato making class– make a gelato that speaks to your soul (can we say hazelnut anyone?)

Couple’s photoshoot

Photoshoots aren’t just for engaged or married couples. Make a day of it – get groomed at a salon, put together a great outfit and take some excellent photos together (and separately). After your photoshoot continue your day with dinner or a show.

Our choice: We absolutely recommend Hey Tuesday photo agency that specializes in creating gorgeous, show-stopping photos.

Add-on bonus: Before you head off to your photo session, book a Blowout and Makeup package appointment with DreamDry for only $99.00! Also check out Barba for all your male grooming needs!