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Before I recap this week’s super fun episode, I wanted to let you know that this is the last weekend to register for one of my retreats to Greece happening this summer – July 1-6. This one takes place in Chania, Crete and is for women. Registration closes this Sunday.
Just fly into Chania airport and from there we will take over in showing you the best of Western Crete! There is one single room left, and three double room spots available. (We’ll match you with a roommate of course!) Check the itinerary by visiting:
Okay! Now, for this week’s episode…
The lovely Kirsy Lovett joined me on the Ask a Matchmaker!
Kirsy is a New York native, first-generation Dominican-American, content creator, and model. (She recently shot a global campaign for H&M. 📸)
She’s also single and looking for love!
Together, we audited her hinge profile and discussed the five best ways to meet people. If you’re in the market for someone special, you can try this too. ⬇️
  1. Meeting through friends: I challenged Kirsy to choose three friends to set her up on a date by the end of the month.
  2. Meeting out and about: Kirsy is always going to events for work, so I tasked her with saying “hi” to five people over the next week.
  3. Meeting online: I gave her advice about how to use her profile to attract the person she wants. This means choosing the right photos, picking the best prompts, and filling out the profile completely. (Want my team to give you a dating profile makeover? Click here.)
  4. Meeting through work: Her coworkers probably have friends or siblings they could introduce her to.
  5. Meeting through a matchmaker: I told her to join my database. You can too. It takes 15 minutes, and it’s totally free!
I’d love to know–if you’re in a relationship, engaged, or married, how did you meet your partner? Email me and let me know!
We also answer some juicy hotline questions about handling family drama, how to nudge a man to propose, and more. 💘
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🤳 Post of the Week
My kids answer: how do you know when you and your partner are ready for marriage?
✅You like each other
✅You love each other
✅You have money?
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🎯Let’s work together
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That’s all for now. See you next week!
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