Women’s Health recently enlisted our matchmaking expertise to help their young journalist, Caitlin Carlson, navigate the modern dating scene of Manhattan. Even though we only worked with her for a few short weeks, we gave her a taste of our exclusive matchmaking services.


Eva-Mendez-Womens-Health-professional-matchmaker-in-nycWe introduced Caitlin to three amazing introductions that matched her descriptions and preferences. Several dates later and lots of personal advice on how-to-date-smarter later, Caitlin said that she had a “fun, luxe and engaging” experience with Agape Match! Thank you, Caitlin. We had fun matching you, too!

How we worked with Caitlin:

  • We met with her at our office in the Empire State Building, and we interviewed her thoroughly until we had a deep understanding of her personality, past dating experience, future dating endeavors, and preferences for a romantic partner.
  • We interviewed 10 potential matches from our database that were preliminary matches for Caitlin based on their demographic information. The purpose of these interviews were to verify their information, vet them, and qualify in person whether they were a great match not only for Caitlin’s personality, but also her preferences. We compared their communication styles, their family values, and their lifestyles.
  • We hand-selected the three most eligible men that we concluded were closest to being compatible with Caitlin. We presented Caitlin with each introduction’s preliminary profile one at the time. Preliminary profiles include demographic information as well as the answers to two questions: Describe yourself, Describe what you’re looking for. No photos! No last names! No Phone Numbers! No Emails! Privacy is paramount to what we do as professional matchmakers! We sent Caitlin’s preliminary profile to her introductions as well.
  • After we received their mutual availability, we curated each couple’s first date based on their mutual interests. We were able to deliver a one of a kind, personalized dating experience for each date. From a PaintNite date with wine to “…tapas and chocolate fondue at a quaint wine bar to dinner at Michelin- starred restaurants.”  If you’re asking how they found each other, it’s really simple: We always instruct our daters to go to the restaurant and tell the hostess “Maria”. The hostess then seats them together. “Intentional blind dating,” as Caitlin put it. We call it, “…dating like it’s 1988!”
  • The following day, we collected their date feedback.  Here, we learned more about their experience so as to help set up a second date or learn why there may not have been enough chemistry for a second date to match more accurately during the next introduction. “Agape Match’s post-date feedback form helped me refine exactly what I want (and don’t want) in a partner”, mentions Caitlin in her article.
  • As Caitlin had opted-in* to use our additional service of Genetic Matchmaking through our partnership with Instant Chemistry, we took the extra step to collect saliva samples from her and the three gentlemen prior to their dates**. We wanted to ensure that she was truly meeting someone who was a match, at least genetically!


Caitlin did exclaim, in her article, that our matchmaking services are on the expensive side. There is no argument there! We’re not an introduction agency, but a full fledged modern-matchmaking firm. (That’s just how much we cost!) We deliver exceptional results to our exceptional clients – most of which include six or seven figure business professionals: successful entrepreneurs, finance professionals, doctors, lawyers, etc. In other words, people that don’t exactly have a lot of time to date or are unable to use modern dating tools like online dating sites due to their public profile in their respective communities or work environment.


Plus, if someone is unable to make the investment as a client, they can always enter our database for free to be considered as a match for one of our existing clients! I mean, when do you ever have the opportunity to meet someone and just know that this person is actually looking for a serious relationship? Online dating does not give that kind of guarantee! 


There is certainly a value to our clients who have enlisted in a service that protects their privacy, ensures their safety, and respects their preferences. Just as Caitlin experienced, three out of five of our first dates go on second dates! We do a kick @$$ job!


*Genetic Matchmaking is NOT something we offer in our standard packages. A client would have to request for such a thorough service.
**We collected their DNA after selecting them as matches for Caitlin through our own methods of old-school matchmaking. To our pleasant surprise all three introductions scored really high (over 80%) as compatible genetic matches!