While the news of successful COVID-19 vaccines has brought hope for many of us – hope that life may, in the not too distant future – return to normal – it’s going to be many months, or even years before things are ever really back to normal. Because of this, dating virtually is going to continue for the foreseeable future – and millions of people “dating virtually” set up Zoom Dates!

So, you’ve got yourself a Zoom date lined up, you’ve put on your best clothes, done your hair and makeup – and you’ve tested your internet connection. But then, you start to get anxious, nervous – not knowing what to talk about, and how it’s all going to work. 

Here at Agape Match, we’ve already helped many of our clients navigate the world of “Zoom Dating”, and in today’s blog post we’re going to be taking a look at 5 questions you should be asking YOUR Zoom date to make sure it doesn’t get awkward!

What Were You Up To Before You Came Online?

This is a FANTASTIC way to break the ice initially – and it’s also a great way of kick starting the conversation. Why? Because it doesn’t feel forced.

Ask your date what they were doing in the hours before your date started. Have they been working from home? Are they searching for jobs? Not only does this question help you to kick-start the conversation, but it also gives you a speedy insight into what your date does in their spare time.

What’s more, this question can easily lead to tons of follow-up questions; what do you do for work, how has the pandemic affected your business, and so on.

What Would Your Ideal Non-Zoom 2nd Date Look Like?

We always recommend second dates be activity based in nature with the added option of grabbing something to eat and drink afterwards. What this question essentially does is allow you to continue to build on the picture of who your date is as a person. Also, you will start to familiarize yourself with how they like to spend their time and if your lifestyles align. Like the last question, asking your Zoom date what their ideal normal date looks like can also lead to many follow-on topics, including their hobbies and interests, what films and music they like, and where they like to eat!

What Kind of Vacations do you like to take… And Where Will You Go Once International Travel Resumes?

Expedia, one of the world’s biggest travel companies, conducted a study that revealed talking about travel – and destinations visited – is one of the most popular topics for first-date conversations. Asking what kind vacations they like to take will give you better insight on how they enjoy spending their free time outside of work. Maybe they are adventurous travelers and seek mountaineering and hiking exploration trips, prefer to explore the city and museums, or they love lounging at a private resort on a tropical island. I love this question, as travel is such a core component of many people’s identities – and discussing it early on allows you to get an idea of whether your travel plans and ideas align with that of your dates.

What Fictional Character Do You Relate To The Most?

This is by far my favorite first date question that can absolutely be incorporated into your virtual Zoom dates. Imagine all the roads this question can take you. It prompts both of you to let your guard down a little and give way to your sense of humor. Through this simple question you can find out what makes them laugh, what kind of media they consume, and more often then not, ideas on new shows/movies/podcasts/books to check out yourself!

What are You Missing Most Right Now?

Please remember that, during your Zoom date it’s OK to talk about the pandemic! It’s also OK to ask your date what they’re missing most – Are they part of an improv class and and can’t wait to get back into in person events, or do they miss seeing family and friends the most?

It acknowledges the fact that both of you are going through a tough time – but it’ll also help prompt the both of you to open up about your feelings and emotions. This is a question that allows you to really start connecting with your date on an emotional level – and you’d be surprised what can come up as a result of asking this question!


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