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If you’re like many discerning singles across the country, you hold your time and privacy in high regard. While you might be comfortable with the idea of dating, the thought of enduring a series of disappointing dates or navigating the ever-evolving world of swipe-driven dating apps doesn’t quite align with your preferences. Maybe you’ve even exhausted your friends’ best efforts at setting you up on blind dates, and now you’re eager to explore a more refined path to finding lasting love.

You’re ready to make the choice to enlist the guidance of a seasoned professional matchmaker, someone whose expertise, experience, and magnetic charisma will be the catalyst for your journey towards a fulfilling, enduring relationship. Selecting the right matchmaker is an incredibly personal decision, and it’s the first essential step on your path to discovering ‘the one.’ Thus, making an informed choice is paramount.

For nearly 15 years, Agape Match has been at the forefront of executive matchmaking, catering exclusively to exceptional singles nationwide. Our illustrious track record is built on an award-winning matchmaking methodology, meticulously crafted to curate and orchestrate matches tailored precisely to your unique criteria and dating personality.

Choosing Agape Match

Award Winning & Trusted Matchmaking

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What is the Agape Match Experience?

Once you’ve had your in-person consultation and decide to embark on the Agape Match journey as our valued client, we get to work on finding your ideal match. Our meticulous process begins with interviewing potential matches, and within just two weeks, we’ll coordinate your very first date with your first introduction. You’ll receive a concise yet informative bio of your match, along with a date confirmation that includes all the essential details about the time and location of your meeting. Your only task is to show up and enjoy a delightful time.

The following day, we’ll reach out to gather feedback from both you and your match. We value your input, including any thoughts you both might have about the chosen venue. Based on these insights, Agape Match will take one of two paths: either setting up a second date or refining our search strategy to better align with your preferences. Furthermore, we’re here to offer valuable recommendations, whether it’s suggesting fantastic date spots, highlighting upcoming events, or recommending insightful books—all designed to enhance your dating experience and bring you closer to achieving your relationship goals.

What is the Agape Match Experience?

Meet The Team

Meet the exceptional team behind Agape Match, where passion for matchmaking meets unwavering dedication to your love journey. Our seasoned experts are committed to curating personalized connections and see you through happily ever after!