Apply as a Woman

Apply as a Woman

  • A professional, educated, and independent woman deserves her equal. With too many success stories to count, the Agape Match team invites you to fill out your free and confidential profile and join our database of quality women. We understand dating in today’s age can be frustrating, and with a keen eye, the Agape Match team will present you relationship-oriented men of quality. Our team vigilantly pre-screens and builds a personal relationship with our male clients to ensure that your time at creating a quality connection is being honored. We look forward to helping you work towards building a memorable connection.

A Different Kind of Clicking

Independent, educated, professional women are one of the fastest growing demographics in big cities, with expansive career opportunities. However, the opportunity for quality dating in our tech-driven world has become ever more challenging, leaving many women to wonder whether her equal is really an app or swipe away.

Why leave your love life to chance when you can join one of the most successful matchmaking services in New York City?

Agape Match invites you to join our free directory for the opportunity to experience dating that values personal attention. Simply submit your confidential profile, and our team will carefully review your dating criteria. When one of our relationship-oriented male clients is a match, someone that you might really click with, we’ll make an introduction.

What Happens After You Join Agape Match

After you join the Agape Match, you’ll be added to our directory, and our team will carefully review your profile.

When you’re selected as a match for one of our male clients, we’ll contact you to schedule a consultation interview to get to know more about you. If you’re a match, you’ll receive a short bio of our client and we’ll plan a date that works for both of you. Alternatively, we’ll keep you in mind for future clients.

The day after your date, we’ll contact you to get your feedback and comments. We’ll use it to help schedule a second date or take into consideration for future matches.