Maria took the time to meet with me personally. I am in the process of launching my own start up, and while I did have time to date, I didn’t have time to date the wrong women. Maria really understood the kind of woman I was interested in meeting… and I did!


I told Maria that I had been on dating break, you know that nice phrase a single person says when 1. You are having no luck in the dating game and 2. You’ve stopped trying. One consultation with Maria and I realized it wasn’t about luck. I had just been a passive participant in my own love life. Maria is a no-nonsense, call it like she sees it love guru and believe me if you are having trouble finding a suitable partner she is the type of person you need in your life. We all have those friends who tell us we are great. “You’ll find the right guy someday” and you internally roll your eyes because how many times have you heard that before. How is that helpful? Talking with Maria is like talking to your best friend, except she can adeptly walk you through which great traits you should be accentuating and how to approach this modern dating world with confidence. Because of Maria, I find myself making more active and self-assured dating decisions. I can’t rave enough about this service.


Maria and the Agape match team are great! I cannot say enough! Working with Maria will change your life!  She is not just a dating coach but a life coach! She is no-nonsense but she is very compassionate as well. With Maria, I really stepped up my game. I was not only proactive but I dated smarter which lead to meeting my fiancé. I cannot thank Maria enough for everything!


Maria is an amazing matchmaker and the Agape Matchmaking Service is a true five-star service. She can calmly and confidently guide neophytes through the stressful modern dating scene, and even teach the experienced serial dater a thing or two. If you are coming to an event or are seeking a private consultation, Maria will amaze you.  She will advise you on a range of dating aspects from compatibility to conversation techniques. She’s really helped me overhaul my social life and meet new women, and her advice to me has always been clear and effective. After meeting with Maria and her team, I can confidently say that my life has changed for the better.


Three years after my divorce was final, I was ready to date again. I was referred to Maria through a friend, and I instantly knew that I was in the right hands after meeting the Agape team. Almost immediately, I met my first introduction. I was in constant communication with Maria, and she introduced me to someone who was really special. My life has completely changed.


Doing the Dating Refresh program really helped me gain the confidence I needed. My one-on-one sessions with Maria and Hunt gave me insight on how my past relationships (and even the relationship with my parents) were affecting my dating life. By incorporating their advice, I was able to attract the type of person I wanted. Sending Maria an invitation to my wedding was the major milestone in my relationship with Agape Match.


I heard Maria on the radio, and I was amazed at how real her advice was. I was really tired of the bar scene and the apps and outsourcing it to her made perfect sense. I met her the same week. Maria and her team were so thorough, I entered a relationship by my fifth match, about three months after meeting her! Fast forward 2 years… I married her on Valentine’s 2018! Thank you, Maria.


I really enjoyed working with Maria. From start to finish, I felt at ease. She is professional and effective. I met several incredible women. Eventually, I began dating one of my matches. I feel like I met the person I’d like to build a family with, and it’s all thanks to Maria and her ability to attract great women.


One of the main reasons I hired the ladies at Agape Match was because of their attention to discretion. Maria and Chrisoula recognized my values and found someone who shared them. They are the real deal.


A charming matchmaking service! I really love Agape Match’s approach to things. They just incorporate so much personality into what they’re doing. From what I’ve seen, each match is given so much attention to detail and examined comprehensively by a real person; rather than some insensitive computer algorithm like so many dating sites on the Internet. Happy couple here!


Maria is personable. You’ll immediately trust her and that’s key to finding your perfect match.


Before you can become attractive to someone else, you must first be attractive to yourself. Maria has an incredible talent for helping you realize your own unique and highly attractive qualities-but she’s even better at placing you together with someone who ALSO realizes how incredible YOU are. There’s nothing in the world like being appreciated, desired and admired by someone who you also think is fabulous. I’m getting married 11/11/11. Maria is a guest of honor at our wedding. We couldn’t have it any other way! Thanks Agape Match. I’m so glad I chose personalized service and guidance and let go of the robots known as online dating sites.


Maria is so instinctive. She knows what you want even if you have a difficult time expressing yourself. She is a consummate professional and highly experienced. You should definitely consider Maria for all your matchmaking needs!”


Maria she has taught me so much about myself and what I need to work on in order to be a good partner to someone else. I’m currently in a fantastic relationship, and I owe it to Maria


She actually listens to what you’re looking for. Within three months, I felt like I truly found my soulmate. Thank you, Maria!


These six months have been amazing. “A” is the best man I’ve ever met, I’m so happy he’s my boyfriend. We are so happy and compatible you have no idea, everything thanks to you! Thank you for your dedication and intuition, I will be forever grateful.”


Award Winning & Trusted Matchmaking

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