• In Person Consultation

    After you sign up, we schedule an in-person consultation to learn more about your dating history and how we can help you reach your relationship goals.

  • Recruitment & Vetting

    Once you’ve become a client, we kick off recruitment and search for potential matches. We vet all matches in person and hand pick introductions based on shared family values and lifestyle.

  • Date Coordination

    Leave the planning to us! After receiving a brief profile of your match, the Agape Team will coordinate your date based on your schedule and venue preferences.

  • Date Feedback

    Your feedback is very important to us. It’s how we calibrate your search and fine tune our matchmaking process to help introduce you to your perfect match!

How We Work

What Makes Agape Match Unique Among Matchmakers?

At Agape Match, we know that no two clients are alike. We believe that learning as much as possible about our client’s dating personality is the key to finding the right match. During our initial consultation, we learn about our client’s individual lifestyle, family background and values. We then explore their dating history and relationship endeavors. And that’s just the beginning. Agape Match also works with each client to discover their specific Attachment Style and Love Language. This unique approach helps us identify the traits that have the biggest impact on their relationships

And the learning doesn’t stop after our initial consultation. We take extensive notes after the first few matches to learn more about our client’s dating personality. By compiling a dating personality profile, we’re able to effectively calibrate the search for the one. It’s why so many of our clients have entered long-term relationships by their fifth match! It’s this unique matchmaking methodology that helps us find and pair the right match for our clients. Our proprietary, time-tested process together with our strong intuition and outstanding reputation, means that we continually attract quality members and clients.

Awarded “Best Matchmaking Agency” at the 2016 US Dating Awards and listed by Time Out NY as the “Best Matchmaking Service” in New York City, Agape Match continues to garner praise and accolades.  Our matchmaking and dating expertise has been featured in numerous publications, including; The New York Times, The Financial Times, Fast Company, CNN, Esquire, Elle, Reuters, Vice and, Thrillist just to name a few.