Agape Match is a professional matchmaking service based out of New York City.
We work closely with our clients, primarily located in the NYC Metropolitan area, New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, and Philadelphia, to provide a unique experience. Agape Match’s committed personalized attention provides the right fit to our clients’ dating endeavors. Agape Match’s aim is to build successful dating experiences based on several levels of compatibility, all the while protecting your privacy, safety, and respecting your preferences.

The Agape Match matchmaking experience includes

We also offer our clients a 6 month freeze period, to fully utilize their matchmaking program, should they be traveling or enter a relationship, and unavailable for new introductions.

 Agape Match offers two types of matchmaking memberships



This membership provides a proactive and personal approach to your dating lifestyle. We meet for an initial one hour consultation, where we discuss your dating history, your lifestyle and your preferences in an ideal mate. We offer a six month matchmaking package if we feel confident that we can introduce you to quality matches.

Free Member

We offer the opportunity for singles to enter our database free of charge. We contact our free members for a free 30 minute consultation if an existing client is a match based on the preliminary information provided. Should we feel that there is potential in making the introduction, we take care of logistics and help coordinate the date at a fun and relaxing venue.