“New year, new you…” It’s all I see on my Facebook feed today! Well, if you’re single and interested in taking a different approach to your dating life, consider personalized matchmaking. (…and once you’ve read below, call me at 212-363-0486 to schedule your initial consultation with me!)

Who matchmaking is ideal for:

  • Singles who prefer privacy. While online dating is a fantastic tool, some people just can’t have their photos up on Tinder or Match.com. With matchmaking, your information and your photo is completely private to the matchmaking team at Agape Match. We take confidentiality very seriously!
  • Singles who want to make a better use of their time in 2016. Did you know it takes over 10 hours of online dating browsing before going on one quality date in person? Matchmaking is like outsourcing your dating life. You delegate it to a professional! As I always say, matchmaking clients have time to date. They just don’t have time to go on bad dates. Leave it to to us to do the dirty work – like  verifying their age, height, martial status, and personality quirks.
  • Singles who are ready for a serious commitment. Gone are the days where you meet people who “just weren’t ready for something serious.” Matchmakers attract members that are looking for serious relationships that could lead to marriage.

This sound amazing, Maria! What do I do next?


The Agape Match team out socializing! Just one of the ways we leave no stone unturned as we search for our client’s perfect match.

You have two options – become a client or become a member in our database!

If you sign up to become a member in our database, you will be contacted if an existing client is a match for you. It’s free to sign up! Click here.

If you sign up to become a client, we would schedule your initial consultation to learn more about you and if we can service you based on your relationship endeavors and partner preferences. The consultation cost is $250 and is rebated into your program package cost should you become a paying client. To schedule your consultation, click here or call us at 212-363-0486.

Once you become a matchmaking client, we begin recruiting and vetting possible matches to set you up with. Once we have a match for you, we provide date concierge. We coordinate your date and tell you where to meet your match. The day after your date, we collect feedback. If the date went well, we’ll set up the second date! If you didn’t feel long term chemistry, your feedback helps us calibrate your search to get you closer to meeting your perfect match!

The Agape Match team is waiting for you. We work with serious and discreet professionals that are ready to find love. Our clients range from 27-65 of age, across a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds. They are typically college educated, white collar professionals. Let’s get started.  Call us today at 212-363-0486.