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Back to School Season is the Perfect Time to Hire a Matchmaker

September is around the corner. Leaves will be changing, and so will people's outlook on dating! Summer is a time for weekend getaways with friends and family, vacations and fun! ...
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Is Dating Broken by the New Rules to Dating?

Once upon a time, people met through a network of friends and community ensuring that you'd meet someone who likely shared the same values and lifestyle as you. Then online dating ...
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Become More Self-Aware to Find Dating Success

Everyone knows at least one person that lacks self-awareness. Someone that keeps repeating the same mistakes again and again and never seems to notice. A true Catch 22- Those lack...
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Agape Team’s Best First Date Tips

The Agape Team has set up over 1000 first dates. We are the experts when it comes to first dates and making sure our clients go on a second date! Check out our favorite first date ...
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5 Things A Man Should Never Do On Dates

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As a professional matchmaker in NYC, I have set up thousands of first dates. I have also collected thousands of dating feedback forms from clients (and matches) after the date. Aft...
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Maria Avgitidis Reveals The Top Traits You Should Look For In Your Next Significant Other

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When you’re single, everyone tries to tell you which qualities to look for in the person you’ll want to spend the rest of your life with. Your parents may tell you to look f...
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How 83% Of Agape’s Clients Get a Boyfriend In 6 Months

An 83% success rate is basically unheard of in the coaching and matchmaking business.  Thus, it is not surprising that my peers, my clients, and even my friends are asking, "How d...
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Agape Match Wins at US Dating Awards

Agape Match won Best Matchmaking Agency of the Year at the 2016 US Dating Awards.   The US Dating Awards took place at the Prince George Ballroom in Manhattan on Se...
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How Do We Work? Dating Advice Tells All!

Rarely do we receive such a full length feature that gives you the A to Z details on how we work with our clients, but certainly took up the challenge!  ...
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How is Matchmaking Different from Online Dating?

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“How is matchmaking different from online dating?” This is a question I hear day in and day out when speaking to potential clients. At first (as a new hire), I really had to th...
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