The challenge of every gift to a man: finding something thoughtful that he would also find practical. Well, Agape Match has you covered with these three Valentine’s Day Gift ideas!

Uncommon Goods – Personalized Whiskey Barrel 

Peak flavor, aged to perfection—your favorite whiskey brand gets a personalized spin.

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Man Crates – Exotic Meats Jerky Heart

The Exotic Jerky Heart is a wholly-savory, hyper-sensual meat surprise of affection and flavor. Spring the perfect romantic rouse with a sappy, heart-shaped box suggesting the tiresome chocolates of every year. But upon opening, his humdrum expectations and coarse, emotional exterior will be melted away by a passionate gesture of jerky.

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My Face Boxer – Men’s Custom Love and Face Boxer Shorts

The perfect gift for a cheeky gentleman.

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