It’s not easy to raise your hand and say you might need help and want to talk to someone.

Especially when you’re in a relationship and you know you and your partner need help.

This week, Maria is here to help break the stigma around couples therapy. A couples therapist is a great facilitator for the relationship you want and a great mechanism to have those hard conversations with someone.

How do you communicate with your partner that you think you two should talk to someone? How do you find someone to talk to?

Talia Litman is a New York-based psychotherapist and writer specializing in couples and sex therapy. From an early age, Talia has encouraged open conversations about relationships and sex. Her goal is to help others feel more comfortable discussing these topics and, in turn, to deepen the pleasure and fulfillment in their relationships. Prior to this, Talia had a successful career as a global strategy & marketing consultant, which she left to pursue her dream job as a couples therapist.

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