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Did you know there is actually a process to falling in love and staying in love? It’s called the LovePath, and Kimberly Beam Holmes has been teaching people this proprietary process for the past decade.

This week, Kimberly reveals the four steps to falling in love and how individuals can use this process for better relationships in every area of their lives, including their marriage!

Kimberly Beam Holmes has applied her master’s degree in psychology for over 10 years, acting as the CEO of Marriage Helper & CEO and Host of her own podcast It Starts with Attraction, being a wife and mother herself, and researching the ways that attraction affects people personally and the relationships that they hold dear. Her videos, podcasts, and following reaches over 200,000 people a month who are making changes and becoming the best that they can be. She is currently working on her PhD in psychology. Kimberly lives in Franklin, Tennessee with her husband, Rob, and two beautiful children from India.

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