Who uses it: Founder Maria Avgitidis’s team works with 25- to 65-year-old white-collar professionals—and even some celebrities.

Price point: Coaching program for $8,500 (13 sessions), matchmaking starts at $15,000 (10 to 15 matches). Both include styling and a photo shoot.

How it works: First Agape’s coaches meet clients and matches in person, then they plan first and second dates.

Why it works: Agape uses behavioral-economics principles, such as the Secretary Problem, to help people find love. If you conduct 10 interviews and have to hire or discard candidates along the way, there’s a very little chance you’ll pick the first interviewee and about a 40 percent chance you’ll pick the fifth or seventh. “This is why a lot of clients end up in relationships with their fourth or fifth match,” says Avgitidis.

Success story: “I am floored by how wonderful and suitable this man [I met through Agape] is for me. The things I value and thought I’d never find—even never think to look for—he values as well.”—Ann*, 38

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