We all have one of two things: a romance we’ve seen on TV or a movie that we LOVE and a romance we’ve seen on TV or a movie that we can’t stand. Maybe because we don’t like the people OR we think “There’s no way that would actually happen!” So much of our society’s ideas on what a relationship could be or how it forms comes from movies. It’s screwed up how we look at romance. This week, we’re doing something different. We’re diving into pop culture and finding out what’s good, what’s bad and what’s wrong with love and relationships in movies, TV and music.

And we have our resident pop culture geek with us to help, comedian Gus Constantellis! Gus Constantellis is a first generation Greek-American LGBTQ+ stand up comedian/writer. He regularly performs at Caroline’s on Broadway, Stand Up NY, and all over the tri-state area. He brings his unique perspective of growing up in NYC with immigrant parents to his standup, writing, and vibrant personality. If you’re Greek, you probably know him from the “Greek Mom” bits that we all are obsessed with.

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