This week, you’re getting not one, but TWO matchmakers! Joining Maria on this week’s episode is her work husband, the Chief Operating Officer and Matchmaker at Agape Match, Louie Felix!

Louie Felix is matchmaking industry leader. His corporate startup and acquisition background brought him to the forefront of the relationship industry when he was contracted for the acquisition for a high end Beverly Hills-based matchmaking company. From there, he went on to serve as the CEO of two of the country’s largest matchmaking companies, as well as simultaneously acquiring and running the largest dating company in California. With these ventures, Louie has been responsible for the successful matchmaking efforts of more than 50,000 clients worldwide.

He joined Agape Match’s team in 2018 and is the “gatekeeper” matchmaker. He decides if new potential clients are a good fit for Agape Match or if they may be better suited at another service because, like Maria, he believes that your first match must be with your matchmaker. Topics discussed this week include: – How soon is it okay to meet a potential match’s children?- Is it okay to be picky about a potential match’s education?- Is it okay to try to date your neighbor?- When is it a good idea to move in with a partner? Schedule a call with Louie!

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