If you’ve recently been through a break up or know someone that has, this week’s episode is a must listen. Joining Maria to talk about the 4 Rs to get through a break up is Tough Love Healer, Gilza Fort-Martinez.

Gilza Fort-Martinez, MS, LFMT is a Latina therapist, speaker, and writer that specializes in helping women rebuild self-love and confidence after betrayal. For 30 years, Gilza has helped hundreds of individuals navigate life transitions and create paths of resolution that have turned their lives around.

She is the founder and CEO of Resolution Counseling Center, a private practice in Miami, Florida. Her passion for helping individuals improve their lives drives her to continuously find ways to reach the community, which is why when she’s not working directly with individuals and couples, she can be found leading workshops or speaking at corporations and organizations.

Gilza is a therapist trained in marriage and family therapy with a degree in Psychology from Barry University and a Master’s Degree from the University of Miami. She is certified in hypnotherapy, family therapy, and meditation.

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