In our March episode of Lunch Break with Maria, Agape Match’s CEO, Maria Avgitidis, interviewed Michael Chung, author of the The Irresistible Introvert and founder of

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Let’s face it, not everyone is an extrovert – and that is perfectly okay! There are so many misconceptions of what an introvert is and we’re here to tell you it has nothing to do with depression or shyness.

So what is an introvert? Introversion in many ways has more to do with where or what someone gains there energy source from. You can like to be social as an introvert but need time alone to gain more energy. Honoring your inner introvert and allowing yourself to simply get that alone time is a specific need that can help boost your confidence and energy in different environments.

The top 3 myths of introversion:

Introverts are shy: Introversion is not the same as shyness. Shyness is fear of social interaction which can make you nervous around others. Introversion is the need for more alone time (not always alone) to gain more energy.

Introverts hate people: It’s a myth that introverts don’t like socializing. They are not antisocial but instead are socially selective.They tend to want more meaningful conversations with familiar people and friends and not to spend a ton of time with acquaintances.

Introverts can’t be confident: Introverts themselves buy into this myth. The misconception that they can’t be attractive because they’re not as bubbly or able to make fast friends. Introverts can be confident and great at socializing, they are more careful with what they say and tend to think a little bit longer of what they will say next.

We get a lot of questions of how to navigate the dating world as an introvert. Michaela, an introvert herself says embracing who you are and understanding that your energy needs are different can absolutely help balance online/offline dating. Being aware of your outward vibe/aura can have a huge impact on how approachable you are. If you have more closed body language and a NO vibe, you will likely not be asked out or approached. Our advice? Be more present, say yes more!

Michaela advises you try doing this exercise before going on a date or a social event. Imagine yourself opening up and glowing – literally visualize yourself being inviting and your heart open. You will notice a difference in how your mode changes and helps get you out of the overthinking of interactions with different people. If you visualize yourself open and inviting, your vibe will reflect the same. 

Michaela has different coaching advice for men and women. Check out her first date checklist for introverted women here and her lessons in magnetism for introverted men here.

You can learn more about Michaela Chung and her introversion advice but visiting You can also buy her book The Irresistible Introvert.