Up until maybe 60 years ago, community organizers and/or matchmakers were one of the predominant ways someone met their match. In other words, someone either hosted an event, John and Jane would show up, flirtatious eyes, and they began a courtship or a professional matchmaker, like my grandmother, meddled around in the family dynamics, and an engagement took place.

I have just described “dating”, a courtship practice exercised since Adam and Eve, (Yes, God was the first matchmaker), that has fundamentally shifted to “Modern Dating” just in the last century.

Modern Dating, where people exercise free will and participate with all of their mighty patience, now includes different types of strategy. Meeting through friends, or introductions to random strangers at the local watering hole has much of its foundations from Old Timey Dating. However, there are three new ways that dating has arrived (Back) to The Future.

  1. Online Dating: If one of your dead grandparents were alive today, how would you describe this process without sounding like a lunatic? People search, usually on religion, height and age parameters, for the potential parent of their future children. Don’t get me wrong, online dating is a fantastic tool to enhance one’s dating lifestyle, and 90% of all single adults in USA participate or have participated in the online dating process, but at the end of the day, you’re still searching for your future wife from a list of strangers with criteria like “Jewish and my zip code“.
  2. Mobile Dating: Every cool/ uncool thing about online dating, with the intriguing Geo Locating feature included! If you’ve ever needed to know who is ready to date you or have sex with you in a 10 block radius, this is the way to go. If you’ve ever needed quick validation, swipe right.
  3. Genetic Matching: [By reading this, you’ve officially entered The Future.] This is where matchmaking meets Gattaca, and Agape Match is proud to say we are officially the only NYC Matchmaking service that helps match our academically inclined clientele with their genetic match, through our partnership with Instant Chemistry. Basically, spit in a cup, and biological compatibility is determined by the Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) system. You can essentially increase your dating success rate by meeting more people attracted to your body scent.

My psychic powers tell me that one day, our children will be able to extract their DNA via mobile, and swipe away to genetic bliss.