With the increase in phone call and video date chats, the question of how long a date should last seems fuzzy. After all, with social distancing measures in place, we don’t have anywhere to go and seemingly have all the time in the world. Marathon dates might make sense if both parties feel a connection and want to continue engaging. While there isn’t a clear answer,  Agape Match’s CEO, Maria Avgitidis told Elite Daily that 90 minutes makes sense for an initial first date.

“If you’re meeting via video, body language tends to be much more relaxed, giving more perspective in a quicker amount of time,” she adds. “If you’re enjoying talking to the other person, time can really fly and you can uncover a lot of topics quickly, without the environmental distractions you would experience in person.

If that first FaceTime date goes swimmingly and the sparks are flying, you’ll likely be eager to get a second virtual date in the books. As for how long those successive dates should be, experts agree that once you’ve established a connection with someone, you shouldn’t stress so much about the appropriate time frame. Avgitidis notes that this should start to feel organic rather than forced, and advises allowing the vibe and flow of the date naturally dictate the time frame.”


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