One fantastic way to help you find The One is to learn more about how your brain works when it comes to finding and choosing love. It’s an excellent way to dating more effectively with people that are actually compatible to you.


Below are my favorite dating books. They are absolute musts for the single’s dating tool kit! 


5 love languages singles editionEvery person is wired differently. We all give and receive love in a variety of ways. The Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman, explains how to understand and speak your primary “love language” and how to better your relationships with those around you by being more receptive to their primary “love language”. I absolutely LOVE this book. You’ll learn SO MUCH about why your past relationships did not work and how to look for compatible personalities for healthier relationships.



attachedThe success (or lack of) your adult relationships is heavily influenced by the relationship you had with your primary caregiver(s) growing up. Dr. Amir Levine and Rachel Heller wrote Attached to help you understand why you struggle in relationships and provide you a guide on how to navigate the dating scene effortlessly. YOU SHOULD BUY THIS BOOK NOW. I honestly love it.



Have him at helloYou went on an awesome first date. Why the heck did he not call you back? Rachel Greenwald wrote Have Him at Hello by conducting 1000 exit interviews, providing dating feedback to give women clarity on why their first date didn’t lead to a second. She also provides insightful tips and empowering tools to help women give better first impressions, develop stronger self esteem, and a playbook on how to make your next first date the best one yet!



He's Just Not Your TypeThe one thing I have learned as a matchmaker is that we all have “types”. Some people last evaluated their “type” at the age of 18 and, as a result, continue to disqualify perfectly amazing and compatible mates based on outdated (and silly) criteria. Andrea Syrtash’s He’s Not Your Type and That’s a Good Thing encourages women to date their “Non – Types”. The author doesn’t ask you to settle, but instead asks you to evaluate how you date and provides you the courage to date better by demonstrating incredible wisdom on what we ought to look for when searching for Mr. Right.