When you go on a date, the clothes you wear could very well set the tone for the rest of the evening. You’ve got to walk in looking sharp and confident – it’s the first step to having a successful night. We, at Savile Row Society want to make sure that your look only adds to the date. Here is how to create a dashing head-to-toe look— a look that is sure to make the difference.

The Shirt

It starts with the shirt. Button downs are always a great way to go – most of you already know this. Where guys tend to lose points is with style and fit. Often times, a shirt ends up being a bit big in some areas, and a tad snug in others. It is important to have shirts that fit properly. You don’t want your date to see you as a project needing to be fixed. However, having a shirt tailored to your body requires a lot of time and money. Exclusive men’s shopping platform Savile Row Society has a quick fix. They offer a great line of shirts with a superior fit. It’s the next best thing to all-things-tailored. This blue fine stripe ready-to-wear dress shirt (shown below) is a great start to building a look of casual elegance.

The Blazer

2The shirt pairs well with a navy blue blazer. Try the Southern Proper Navy Blazer, made from Hope Sack wool (shown above). The detailing here is phenomenal. Inside the jacket there are three pockets. One, of course, is for your wallet, maybe a pen, or any loss papers you might need. The other two pockets are a bit more daring and fun seeing as they are specifically equipped to carry a flask and cigars. The lining of the jacket is made from a beautiful green gingham-patterned fabric that is then tied into the outside on the jacket where there is a hint of green under the collar. These small additions are what really make this blazer stand out among the masses, and in turn, will help you do the same.

The Pants

3You really can’t go wrong with a pair of khaki’s. Every man should have one or two pairs in his closet. If you don’t already have a pair you must go out and get it ASAP. They provide you with a large amount of possible combinations in casual or formal occasions.


The Shoes

4Many people tend to overlook the necessity of a quality shoe. Although they are not in the direct line of sight, shoes really do make or break a look. Here, you have the ability to jazz it up a bit – make a statement by adding a personal touch. Your date will notice the quality of your shoes, and she will appreciate the fact that they aren’t tennis shoes.

A suggestion? Allen Edmonds. Every pair of Allen Edmond shoes is hand made in America with the finest materials around. By getting these shoes, you are not only helping the economy and supporting American factories, but also sporting art on your feet. The Grayson Cordovan Loafers are a perfect match for any look, and are beyond comfortable.

The Watch

watchNow you have a platform to work off. The essentials are done and out of the way but your look is not complete just yet – it’s time to tie it all together. Details matter. A noteworthy watch, pair of socks, and wallet in good condition set you apart. It all adds up in the end. A nice watch is a good, easy way to add a touch of class. Daniel Wellington’s Classic Cardiff watch is a thin, elegant, timeless watch is one that will work for any and all occasions.

The Belt

7Do you leave the house without shoes? We didn’t think so. You also shouldn’t leave the house without a belt. A belt is an essential part of a complete look. By matching the color of your shoes to the color of your belt, you are pulling the whole look together. The coordination of colors is appealing to the eye and makes you look put together. We recommend slipping on a Rafferty belt by Trafalgar.

The Wallet


Lastly, you must have a well-kept wallet. If you end up paying for the check, you don’t want to pull out a ratty old wallet. We know what you’re thinking. “A wallet’s a wallet.” No, no. You are in the professional world now, so you should have a wallet to match that. Grown men do not walk around with duck tape or paper clips. The Moore and Giles Bi-Fold is the way to go. This wonderfully slim wallet comes with six card pockets and two slip pockets for your money.

Our first date look is said and done, and your date will start out on a good note. Now, you can’t go messing it up by forgetting your manners. Being a gentleman is key. You are already dressing the part already, so why not act the part? Open the door for your date, pull out her chair, be confident but not arrogant, and don’t lose sight of your manners. Be considerate and respectful to your date. Be a gentleman.

In addition to your style, some of the first things noticed by women are your hands, your hair, your smile, and, most importantly, your greeting. It is all about how you present yourself.

And one of the most important aspects of your presentation is your grooming—it is undoubtedly one of the most important things to think about before going on a date. Make sure you’re groomed to a T.

So let’s talk hygiene. Good hygiene is essential. Make sure your breath smells nice, your nails are clean and cut, and your hair is washed.

  1. Bad breath is a big turn off. Keep some gum or Altoids in your pocket for safe-keeping.
  2. Before this, you probably didn’t think twice about your hands– but how would you feel if your date’s hands were dry and dirty? Moisturize and keep your nails groomed.
  3. Make sure that your hair is not greasy or too wild. If you are balding, don’t go with the comb over look. It is out-dated and makes you look insecure– which is the last thing you want you date to think. If you need some extra help, the high-end men’s club John Allan’s is one of the best places to help with grooming. They offer haircuts and shaving. It is a great place to go before a date to clean up a bit.

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