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Did you catch this week’s Ask a Matchmaker episode with 21-year-old Carrie Berk? She joined me to talk dating as a Gen Z-er, the best apps for finding love, her latest obsession, and answer your hotline questions!
Carrie, born in 2002, and… wait for it… named after Carrie Bradshaw. This reference suits her well as she’s already written and published several books, including her latest titled, My Real-Life Rom-Com.
📚 She calls this book her memoir manifesto–a series of diary entries and advice designed to help teens understand they aren’t alone in their experiences. Growing up, Carrie started writing as a form of therapy, using it to help her navigate breakups and relationship problems. She soon realized there weren’t any dating books written for teenagers by teenagers, so she decided to create one herself!
I’m fascinated by Carrie. Not only because she’s my youngest guest to date, but because she grew up in a world where dating apps and social media have always been the norm. As a young person, how are you supposed to meet someone in the wild if you learned to flirt via Snapchat? Are dating apps a good idea? Is 32 considered old?? (Her reaction to learning I’m 39…) These are all questions we answer in the episode! 🎙️❤️
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How do you navigate online dating if your “look” is not mainstream?
Simple. Use the social design of IRL events to get people to come to you.📍
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