Looking for a Great Guy After a Break Up

DEAR MARIA: I recently broke off a long term relationship. Part of me feels like I lost a best friend, and I constantly find myself thinking if I made a mistake or what he's up to....
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If there were ever anything to spit in the face of matchmaking, it is outsourcing to a "matchmaking service" that will help you find someone based your ex's face shape. ...
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Three Ways Dating is Back to the Future

genetic matchmaking
Up until maybe 60 years ago, community organizers and/or matchmakers were one of the predominant ways someone met their match. In other words, someone either hosted an event, John ...
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How Many Hours Do You Dedicate to Meeting Single People?

Eventsy Events in NYC
I constantly ask my new members, "On average, how many hours do you think you spend dedicated to meeting single men?" Seven out of ten times, they respond with zero. The remaining ...
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The Three Kinds of People No One Wants to Date in NYC

inconsiderate person photo
As a professional matchmaker and dating coach in NYC, I can honestly say that I've heard everything! My members (and random strangers, too) tell me what they're looking for, all of...
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Talking about your Ex is a Dating Don’t

We’ve all experienced messy break ups. The past is where you should wipe away the residue of your broken heart if you ever want to start a new relationship. Unless your new inter...
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Five Simple Ways to Make Her Swoon

Women are very hard to impress. It’ s not that we don’t care, but we’ve been subject to such inconsideration, that at this point- we’ve become cynical that the male race wi...
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5 Signs You’re a Bad First Dater

First dates are like interviews. The respect that you’d give a future employer at an interview should measure up to the respect a potential boyfriend would deserve on a first d...
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