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5 Ways You Are Sabotaging your First Dates

As the Client Relationship Manager at Agape Match, part of my responsibilities are to collect the dating feedback after our dates go on their first dates. I even collect the datin...
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6 Signs the Guy You’re Dating Isn’t Right For You

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Imagine your best friend, who’s dated lots of guys only to be disappointed time and again, who’s struggled finding a boyfriend, finally tells you: “I met the perfect guy!” ...
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Looking for a Great Guy After a Break Up

DEAR MARIA: I recently broke off a long term relationship. Part of me feels like I lost a best friend, and I constantly find myself thinking if I made a mistake or what he's up to....
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Talking about your Ex is a Dating Don’t

We’ve all experienced messy break ups. The past is where you should wipe away the residue of your broken heart if you ever want to start a new relationship. Unless your new inter...
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